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The world's first hair straightening system containing the powerful polymer - hyaluronic acid.

A combination of a complex of amino acids and powerful hyaluronic acid that restores and builds the outer cuticle of the hair fiber and creates a strong inner layer, which preserves the natural nutrients of the hair fiber over time. The unique Israeli hair straightening treatment does not contain formaldehyde. The combination of amino acids and powerful hyaluronic acid allows penetration into the hair fibers and changes the molecular structure of the disulfide bonds within the hair fibers, from

curly bonds to a uniform structure without visible volume.


Israeli treatment was created after more than 25 years of research.

This straightening method was scientifically tested and proven as 100% safe for use on colored, chemically treated hair, highlighted or virgin.

Israeli straightening system has successfully passed the tests of the European standard, the American standard and the strict Israeli standard. This is in addition to external laboratory tests. 

While most straightening systems are made with an intense acid that breaks down the disulfide bonds in the hair, Israeli straightening treatment is a blend of advanced materials, which create the elasticity of the disulfide bonds, while injecting hyaluronic acid into the hair fibers, resulting in healthy looking hair with minimal damage and the possibility of further treatments after straightening.

Hyaluronic acid provides elasticity in the structure of disulfide bonds of the hair and increases the absorption of moisture into the hair fibers. In addition, it gives hair fibers increased strength, anti-frizz effect, increased elasticity, increased natural shine and neutralization of free radicals.


Israeli Straightening treatment is suitable for all hair types and is perfect for anyone who wants smooth, easy-to-manage hair that doesn't require the use of blow dryers or flat irons.

Israeli hair straightening system is the only straightening system that not only does not break the disulfides of the curly hair, but on a contrary, makes them more flexible and therefore allows the performance of other chemical procedures such as coloring.

The price for Israeli hair straightening treatment starts from $650-$1000. Depends on hair density, length and condition.


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